The Rippers Gaming Teamspeak Server Rules

Welcome to The Rippers Gaming Teamspeak server! We're glad you're here to join the fun. To ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for everyone, please follow these rules:

General Conduct

  • Be respectful towards all other users. This means avoiding offensive language, harassment, and discrimination.
  • Use your microphone responsibly. Avoid loud background noise, earsplitting music, and unnecessary yelling.
  • Do not spam the chat or advertise other servers.
  • Use appropriate nicknames that are not offensive or impersonating others.


  • Join the appropriate channel for your desired game or conversation.
  • Do not afk (away from keyboard) in channels for extended periods.
  • If a channel is full, wait patiently for a slot to open or ask an admin to help.


  • Only play music in designated channels if permitted by channel admins.
  • Keep music volume at a reasonable level that doesn't disturb others.

Voice Quality

  • Ensure your microphone transmits clearly without excessive background noise.

Reporting Violations

  • If you witness a rule violation, report it to a server admin politely.


  • Violations of these rules may result in warnings, temporary bans, or permanent bans from the server at the discretion of the server admins.

Thank you for following these rules and helping to make The Rippers Gaming Teamspeak server a great place to hang out and game!

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